Trendsetter: Jackie Polikoff, Courtyard Travel

Jackie Polikoff
Courtyard Travel

Jackie Polikoff has been a travel advisor at Courtyard Travel for just over a year but she’s already growing a nice book of business and seeing healthy increase month to month.

At the Great Neck, NY agency, Polikoff is primarily leisure-focused, building detailed itineraries for family holidays that include air, lodging and restaurant reservations. Those restaurants include well-known establishments as well as smaller, local places that showcase the destination’s food and culture. “I try to add a local’s perspective to every destination,” Polikoff tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “Food is an important component of travel no matter where you go. I like to suggest local farmers’ markets, food trucks and street food markets, local delis and bakeries, as well as bars and pubs so that my clients have a complete gastronomic experience when traveling.”

What are the key factors to this trendsetter’s success?  

“I have excellent organizational skills and a tenacious attention to detail that I leverage to ensure that every client has the best travel experience possible,” she says. “I have also built niche segments around students who are studying abroad and multigenerational family holidays.”

Polikoff, who currently lives in Chappaqua, NY, was born and raised in Scarsdale, NY and attended Syracuse University. During that time, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy and traveled throughout Europe. Upon graduation, she launched a career in retail by joining Bloomingdale’s Executive Training Program. After becoming a buyer, she moved over to the wholesale side of the business where she cultivated and honed her sales and marketing skill set. That led to the launch of her own company, JMP Consulting, during her child-rearing years, focusing on sales and marketing projects for clients such as Tommy Hilfiger, Lantis Eyewear and Avon Products.

In 2003, Polikoff’s husband’s job took them to London; during those four years, she found her passion for researching and planning traveling experiences for her family and the friends and family who often landed on her doorstep.

Today, at Courtyard Travel, Polikoff brings a strong passion and a fresh perspective on what today’s families need and want from their travel experiences and she’s enjoying her interactions with the high-end Long Island-based agency.

“I enjoy working in a supportive and collaborative environment. Being new to the industry, my colleagues have been instrumental in helping me learn about the industry and the Sabre system, while leveraging their wealth of industry experience and knowledge,” Polikoff says.

She’s also expanded her own travel experiences, having ventured to Australia, Los Angeles / Santa Barbara, Turks and Caicos, Austin, TX and Amsterdam.

Where is she off to next? “After planning multiple trips for clients to Iceland, I am going to leverage all of my learning to build an incredible experience for my own family to go there,” she says. 

Trendsetter: Jackie Polikoff, Courtyard Travel

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