Trendsetter: Maggie Kealey, Frosch

Maggie Kealey

For Some, working at a billion-dollar mega-company like Frosch could make it difficult to stand out; however, that is exactly what Maggie Kealey has been able to accomplish. With 30 years of experience already under her belt, she joined Frosch eight years ago to head the company’s important entertainment division. With such an accomplished tenture, it’s not surprising Kealey is no stranger to pleasing clients. In fact, her skills have earned her the title of trendsetter and her efforts helped the company acquire more than $1.75 billion in travel spend in 2016 across all divisions. 

Frosch primarily handles A-list celebrities, high-end corporate entertainment companies, various movie productions and music tours, management, talent and fashion companies and sports organizations, among other high-profile individuals and organizations, making Kealey’s own personal successes even more notable. 

She is no stranger to the celebrity world. In fact, her mother, who she names as her mentor and inspiration, was a promising Broadway actress when she met Kealey’s father, who served in World War II (Marine Corps). “After raising six children, many of my formative years on her own, she reclaimed her acting career in film, TV and live theater productions,” Kealey says of her mother. In addition, Kealey’s aunts were both prominent television personalities: one, Barbara Howar, an entertainment reporter for “Good Morning America” and “Entertainment Tonight,” as well as a New York Times best-selling author, and the other, Charlsie Cantey, a famed and accomplished equestrian-turned-on-air personality, was a commentator on NBC, CBS and ESPN. “With these remarkable women as role models, I gained a wealth of knowledge in leadership tactics and the fundamentals of success, for which I am eternally grateful,” says Kealey. 

Kealey began her entertainment travel career in 1980 as an apprentice in a small Connecticut agency, where she became a specialist in handling VIP itineraries and comprehensive travel for diverse entertainment entities — including movie studios, touring musicians, sports teams, couture fashion shows and many top company executives. She also owned her own agency for many years which became the number-one group in Los Angeles responsible for handling A-list clientele. 

Upon joining Frosch, Kealey brought her own personal expertise along with a team of associates skilled in handling the discreet and intricate travel plans for talent, production and corporate VIPs across all entertainment sectors. With a top team in place, she launched the Frosch Entertainment division out of Raleigh Studios, an 11-acre film studio complex and top tourist attraction in central Hollywood.

Kealey credits her success to the amount of care she places on each clients’ specific needs, paying close attention to detail and providing personalized service. Although Kealey recognizes the fact that social media and the Internet are crucial components of any sound business model today, she notes that few things rival the impact of networking and establishing and maintaining a noteworthy reputation, supported by consistent results and strong referrals. 

“Our initial efforts were very much geared toward growing a solid domestic business, and now, with Frosch’s global expansion, we are one of the most well-respected, top entertainment agencies in the U.S. It’s very rewarding to be in the position of being solicited to take on accounts, thanks to the reputation I’ve established,” says Kealey. 

Trendsetter: Maggie Kealey, Frosch

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