Trendsetter: Margery Hunter, Rudi Steele Travel, Inc.

Margery Hunter
Rudi Steele Travel, Inc.

Margery Hunter’s clients expect more out of their travel experience. And, she delivers in a big way. This trendsetter handles about $2 million in annual revenue with Dallas-based Rudi Steele Travel, Inc. 

Her expertise in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America have landed her on Travel & Leisure “A-List” of Super Agents.

For Hunter, success is all about adding value. Meticulous planning and enriched itineraries are her stock-in-trade.

“No trip is finished until I am sure that it is as good as it can possibly be,” says Hunter.

“Good” for Hunter sounds pretty great. 

“Recently, I was poring over a map of Scotland while working out an itinerary for a client who is a Shakespeare enthusiast. I noticed the town of Birnam. In Shakespeare’s work, Macbeth was to be king ‘til Birnam Wood do come to Dunsinane’. That placed the site of the great battle just an easy drive from Glasgow, and the client was thrilled,” says Hunter.

Like many fellow trendsetters, Hunter trades on valuable lessons from previous careers. 

The Michigan native became an educator after college. She taught English for some years, including two in Germany teaching English as a second language. She then transitioned to a second career in residential real estate. 

“Success in real estate taught me about real customer service and the support people need from their agents, whether they are buying houses or traveling,” says Hunter.

On a trip to the Middle East, she met a group of travel agents and decided it was time to switch careers again. That was 35 years ago. 

“I was fortunate to have had very demanding mentors who valued service and integrity above all else. Two of those were Rudi Steele and John Cargile, of Dallas, TX, who took me on 25 years ago,” she says.

Accolades and an impressive book of business are one thing. Hunter is also a trendsetter in her travels. 

“I have gone off in unusual directions; Colombia, Lebanon, Tibet, Japan. I want to visit Iran and travel the Silk Road. The world is endlessly fascinating to me and I want to bring as much of it as I can to my clients,” says Hunter

A recent study tour with Pure-Germany left Hunter impressed. 

“They’re a new Virtuoso On-Site and a company which can be trusted to do a wonderful job in every way. Very unusual experiences were planned for us in southern Bavaria, including a visit to the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, which creates the most beautiful and expensive porcelain pieces in the world. A second adventure introduced us to the world of fine paper-making at Gmund, which produces exquisite papers for programs, menus, stationary, and more, for the world’s finest firms,” she notes. 

Keeping up with her South American specialty, her next planned trip is to “Emotions,” the Latin Travel mart in Buenos Aires in April 2018.

 Hunter does occasionally takes time off to work on her historic house in Dallas, go bike riding, indulge in gardening and reading. 

“I picked up a wonderful book at Heathrow called ‘The Silk Roads,’ which offers history from the Asian perspective. It’s beautifully written and offers a very different take on history as we’ve always heard it,” says Hunter. 

Trendsetter: Margery Hunter, Rudi Steele Travel, Inc.

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