Trendsetter: Nick Hofstadter, All Star Travel Group

Nick Hofstadter
All Star Travel Group

To be an all star in an agency called All Star Travel Group is no small feat, but that’s exactly what Nick Hofstadter has accomplished in 2017. The trendsetter for this Los Angeles-based travel firm, which caters to A-listers on a daily basis, plans travel for entertainment executives, talent agents, producers, directors, “a few celebrities” and other big industry players. Handling the business and leisure travel for the CEOs of several high-ranking corporations, as well as their adult children, is also on his “can-do” list.

Hofstadter is just three years into his career as a travel advisor and credits his success to David Odaka, president of All Star Travel Group.

“I’ve been working directly alongside him since day one, and I have learned so much just from sitting nearby and listening to him on the phone,” says Hofstadter.

The agency’s relationships with Virtuoso and its status as a Four Seasons Preferred Partner and Ritz-Carlton Stars, to name a few, also fuel his success. 

Crafting luxury FITs is Hofstadter’s forte; he’s also done several small group trips, including a company retreat in Southern California and an art / architectural tour in Mexico. “I had 26 people on a yacht in Cuba last Christmas and I’m now working on a group of 32 who are going to Cuba to have a cultural exchange via baseball games,” says Hofstadter.

Other destination specialties include California, New York, France, Italy, the U.K., Barcelona, Berlin and the resort areas of Mexico and Hawaii. “And, while I have yet to visit, I’m very familiar with Japan and Southern Africa,” he adds.

Hofstadter grew up wanting to be a journalist and fell in love with travel after reading the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List issue at a very young age. “After I finished, I designed a fantasy around-the-world itinerary based on the hotels where I wanted to stay in each city,” he says. As a youth, he and his family flew frequently between Los Angeles and San Diego. “I loved sitting on the tarmac counting all the 727s, DC-10s and 747s. To this day, if I’m departing from an airport where I’ve never been before, I always arrive a little early to explore,” he notes.

Hofstadter went to New York University for journalism, and quickly fell into writing about dining, nightlife, travel, hotels and luxury services. He culled so much knowledge writing the wedding guide for New York magazine he became a wedding planner himself. He did event planning and marketing for several New York restaurant groups before returning to NYU to earn a Masters in Hospitality and Tourism. The plan was to go the hotel sales and marketing route, until he heard a luxury travel advisor present at school one day.

“He completely changed my focus,” says Hofstadter. 

Today, he is planning travel for the rich and famous and says that his product knowledge, being decisive and a “people person” are the secrets of his success. 

“I’m also speedy about conceptualizing a trip. After an initial phone call, I pretty much know the exact itinerary in my head and which hotels and tour operators I want to use,” he says.  

Trendsetter: Nick Hofstadter, All Star Travel Group

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