Trendsetter: Nicole Krenzien Ellison, Paul Klein Travel

Nicole Krenzien Ellison
Paul Klein Travel

Nicole Krenzien Ellison has a myriad of responsibilities at Paul Klein Travel as well as outside the office that keep her busy. With her personal projected annual revenue set at $2 million this year, Ellison is one of the highest-producing agents in the office. She is also actively involved with Millennials in Travel, where she is the officer of development for the Chicago chapter. 

“This experience allows me to bring innovative ideas back to my agency,” Ellison tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “My personal style includes using leading-edge technology but I also believe in ‘old school’ relationship building with my partners and clients. I believe in the personal touch, helping a family with an amazing trip that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, or a hand written note to a vendor.”

Now a VP, Ellison has assumed a strategic leadership, marketing and operations role in addition to being a travel advisor. Creating memorable experiences with a personal touch is what Ellison considers her forte. Her niche is mostly adventure travel, booking activities like heli-skiing, hiking and kayaking. She also notes that she has a knack for booking travel focused on food and wine, and this talent runs in her family. 

Ellison did not start off as a travel advisor but rather as an event planner and marketer, thanks to her educational background in fashion retail management and marketing. While looking for a challenging career move, she made a decision to move to Chicago and join the family business, which is now owned by her father, Tim Krenzien.

Ellison is the third generation in the agency, meaning that many of her clients are the children and grandchildren of her grandfather’s clients. She enjoys the experience of watching the families grow and develop through business connections and worldwide relationships.

“I have been working full time at Paul Klein Travel for six years. With a family business, travel has been a lifestyle for me, and having traveled extensively growing up has made the transition to an advisor much easier,” says Ellison. “My experience with the travel industry is in a family-owned and operated business with relationships that have spanned over three generations with my family. These close relationships with our vendors let me plan and create unique special memories for my clients with my family of suppliers worldwide. I discovered that I have the gift of being able to connect well with people, and love travel advising. So, six years later I’m more energized than ever, and loving every minute.” 

So what does Ellison love the most about her work? She says it’s working with her team at the agency. The majority of Paul Klein Travel’s staff has been there for more than 20 years and she’s known many of them for most of her life. 

In her personal time, Ellison enjoys spending time in the kitchen as well as doing anything outdoors, including hiking, camping, skiing, and planting flowers and herbs in her backyard. She plans to marry her fiancé next September in an intimate wedding weekend at a ranch in the mountains of Colorado. 

Trendsetter: Nicole Krenzien Ellison, Paul Klein Travel

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