Trendsetter: Rebecca Spina, CRC Travel-Majesty Travel

Rebecca Spina
CRC Travel-Majesty Travel

Rebecca Spina earns more than $3 million a year in revenue and has been in the business for more than 30 years. Her clients tend to be high-net-worth individuals who are based all over the world and fly under the radar; they are families, singles and couples who travel throughout the United States, to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and beyond. Luxury cruises are a big part of her business, and many of these affluent clients travel in groups.

All of this earns Spina the title of “trendsetter” for CRC Travel, the Chicago-based luxury travel agency owned by Peter Carideo. Spina is based in New Jersey at Majesty Travel, which joined forces with CRC nearly six years ago.

“I joined CRC Travel in January 2012 working from home; it was the best business decision I have ever made,” says Spina. “I was ready to relinquish the day-to-day operations of running an agency to concentrate on selling.” Even better, Spina was able to bring along many outside advisors she had worked with for several years. “We have created a great East Coast team for CRC Travel,” she says.

It’s clear Spina has a strong passion for selling and for being her clients’ chief advocate.

“I am very dedicated, I usually compare myself to a doctor on call to be available at all times,” she tells us. “No request is too small when it comes to pleasing a client.” Spina says she and Carideo are cut from the same cloth. “We are detail-oriented, client-focused and available 24/7,” she notes.

Goals for the future include increasing her group business, as well as selling more luxury cruises. 

“Classic Vacations is my number-one choice for booking most of my clients,” says Spina. “I have been invited to Star Performers for the last 15 years as a top producer.”

Spina was always a go-getter, working in a variety of fields before settling in to travel full time. While going to Pace University in Westchester County, NY, she worked in the restaurant business, tried her hand at travel and also sold real estate. “I realized early on I had a passion for travel, which drove me to eventually open my own travel agency,” she says.

“Being an owner / president of an agency for 17-plus years, I have had the chance to meet many wonderful agents, sales representatives and others in the industry. There are so many to thank for supporting me in the past and still until this day. I am so blessed to be part of CRC Travel, especially with all of the support that Peter Carideo has given me,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor.  

Trendsetter: Rebecca Spina, CRC Travel-Majesty Travel

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