The Villa Alternative

If your clients are booking more than one hotel room when they travel, then they are the ideal prospect for a villa vacation. Villas of Distinction defines villas as “luxurious, private residences that are made available to vacation travelers.” Especially good prospects for villa stays are families, whether it’s just mom, dad, and the kids, multiple families traveling together, or a multi-generational trip. For agents, booking villas is easy and profitable when you work with the right villa company.

Here are some reasons that villas are well-suited for families:

Villas are Flexible

No two villas are alike; they can range in both budget and size. You can book a one-bedroom apartment to an estate with upwards of 40 bedrooms practically anywhere in the world. Clients can choose a villa by room configurations based on the age and needs of the family. A family with a young toddler can find a villa with an adjoining room where a toddler can sleep, while families with older kids can pick a villa layout where their children are further away from the master bedroom. There are even villas where grandparents can have their own separate smaller home on the villa complex. If a family group is very large, two villas can be found next door to each other.


Villas Have Kitchens

Families, especially those with young children, love having access to a kitchen when they are traveling. Meals become so much less challenging. Clients won’t have to go out for breakfast or lunch and can have snacks at the ready any time. For families who have the challenge of food allergies having a kitchen alleviates some of the stress. Villa companies can provide grocery pre-stocking, allowing clients to request the products they want to be in their kitchen upon arrival. There is no need to have to figure out where to get food as all their favorites will be waiting for them. A private chef can also be set up for either the first night to make it easy when clients are tired from traveling, or can be arranged for a special night during the trip. A private chef can be hired for the entire stay or their services might already be included in the price with some villas.


Villas Give You Privacy

Clients have the entire villa to themselves, and most villas come with a number of common spaces. When clients stay in hotels with an extended family group, there is always the question of where they gather. They can meet at the pool or a restaurant, but ultimately they end up taking over someone’s hotel room. In a villa, clients have a living room, dining room, patio, private gardens, and enough private space to create as much togetherness or as much privacy as they want. Many villas come with great game rooms, big outdoor barbecues and stereo systems.

In resort destinations, most villas come with their own swimming pool. No need for clients to rush down to the pool first thing in the morning to put a towel down to save a lounge chair. It’s less stressful for clients to watch their own children at their own villa pool where there aren’t dozens of other children running around.


Villas Are Less Work for Agents

When travel agents work with a villa agent to plan their clients’ trips, the travel agent becomes the villa company’s client. You don’t need to know everything about every villa; that is the job of the villa agent. You are not required to do the research and you have two options with most villa companies: you can work with the villa agent on behalf of your clients or the villa company can work directly with your clients. With certain villa companies, like Villas of Distinction, once the client books with them, they are your client for life; even if the client goes direct for their next trip, you receive the commission.

Once the booking is complete, villa companies with concierge teams can work with you or the client to set up everything else the family needs for their stay including car rentals, massages in the villas, grocery service, private chefs, special event planning, and excursions. You simply sit back, collect the commission and get the credit for a wonderful vacation from very happy clients.

Villas of Distinction is a full-service premier luxury villa provider with a portfolio of thousands of privately-owned villas in more than 50 destinations including the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, the Continental United States and many private Islands. For nearly 25 years, Villas of Distinction and its team of expert concierges have been helping travelers find their perfect vacation home without a membership fee. The company offers customized vacations to meet every imaginable need, with most villas featuring private pools, butlers, maids and chefs.

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This article is brought to you by Villas of Distinction, and was produced in partnership with Luxury Travel Advisor’s sales team. Luxury Travel Advisor’s editorial team played no part in developing the article.