St. Regis Mexico City Introduces Tasting Traditions

Looking for a personalized food menu without even having to step foot in the kitchen? The St. Regis Mexico City is serving up a new culinary experience with Tasting Traditions. Executive chef Guy Santoro is setting himself a challenge with this bespoke service, by collaborating with diners to deliver a completely guest-curated menu.

Drawing inspiration from guest’s culinary preferences and favorite dishes, whether from old family recipes or culinary travel discoveries, Santoro will create a five-course dinner for you and your companions. The chef aims to combine unexpected flavors and use exquisite presentation to produce dishes which will bring diners on a gourmet journey down memory lane.

Not only faced with a creative culinary challenge, Sanotoro is put to the clock and given only six hours to plan, prepare and present each Tasting Traditions vision. 

Once completed, the feast will be served to diners in Mexico’s smallest and most intimate restaurant, The Decanter Room.  Guests will be treated with live music and expert wine pairings presented in Riedel decanters to complement each course and complete the dining experience. 

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Pricing beginning at $450 per person, including wine pairings.  The Tasting Traditions service is available daily from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. for parties of four to 12 guests, and requires eight-hour advance reservation.