Swiss Hotels Launch Renovated Suites, New Restaurants

Ski season may be over, but Switzerland is still a top place to spend a weekend...or a week...or two...even as the weather gets warmer. (Those lakes and rivers are just perfect for swimming!) Take a look at what's new at some of the country's hotels:

Up in the mountains, Gstaad Palace recently renovated its Deluxe and Tower Suites. Each bedroom has a completely new walk-in closet, with plenty of hanging space, shelves and drawers. Interior Designer Marina Nickels added old wooden beams and details to the ceilings of the bedrooms and living rooms to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere in each room. 

Badrutt’s Palace, meanwhile, will get a new restaurant next year...reportedly from celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa. (The space is currently under construction.) While plenty of hotels and resorts are seasonal, Badrutt’s Palace is doubly so: It is only open for a few months in the summer (generally from the end of June to the middle of September) and then again in winter (from the beginning of December to Easter...or, if Easter will be late, until the end of March.) The frequent downtime means that the hotel team can conduct regular restorations, refurbishments and even renovations, all without disturbing the guests. Over the past 10 years, the hotel has spent more than 150 million Swiss francs on improvements, with 26 million going to a new spa and wellness center that was completed in 2010. 

And just the other day, we reported that Zurich's The Dolder Grand will unveil its new Terrazza Suite, a new category of residences located next to the Resort's Golf Wing. We hear the Terrazza Suite will have three bedrooms and 1,280-square-feet of living space on two levels. Guests will have access to the suite via private entrance from the street, or from the hotel.