Topic: Letters to the Industry

Ruthanne Terrero (Edit Only)

Here’s to a Long Life

Travel agents should become a part of the health conversation by researching wellness opportunities that incorporate the other interests of their clients.

The Quiet Consumer

It’s more challenging than ever for people to cross the threshold of a new service provider if an online alternative is available, says Ruthanne Terrero. Read more about this new dynamic.

The Non-Vacationers

Travel advisors can reach those who don’t know how to take a vacation or think it is a great splurge by putting quick and easy travel opportunities in front of them.

The Non-Vacationers

We all know someone who hasn't taken a summer vacation yet, maybe even ourselves. Here's how advisors can entice those "non-vacationers" into a summer trip. It's not too late!

Mid-Year Tune Up

With half of the year gone, this is the perfect time to analyse what went wrong in the past months and take corrective measures to ensure that guests are given an exotic travel experience and are kept happy for the rest of the year and beyond.

More Talking, Less Typing

Even though technology has moved leaps and bounds, it is essential to take some time off high-tech devices and gadgets to interact with people and experience a refreshing change.

Top Takeaways from Ultra

The just-concluded Ultra Luxury Summit was an apt platform for luxury travel advisors and suppliers to convene, forge a plan for their businesses and recognize latest travel trends and networking tools.

The Drive Toward Authenticity

When we hosted a roundtable of Europe tourism officials in New York we addressed the topic of providing authentic experiences for travelers. Here are some key takeaways.

Ultra On the Horizon

Luxury Travel Advisor’s Ultra Summit for 2016 will be held at The St. Regis Monarch Beach, Dana Point, CA, from May 22 to 24. It will be a perfect setting to bask in luxury and to think forward.

Saying, “Yes,” Again and Again

Selling a vacation requires that you touch a person on so many levels; it’s got to be a huge challenge because you’re dealing with logistics, family politics, financial issues and a million barriers your client is battling in their mind.