Toscana Promozione, SuperTO Launch Tuscany Travel Experience

tuscanyToscana Promozione, Tuscany’s economic promotion agency, has partnered with SuperTO, an organization consisting of a group of tour operators in Tuscany to develop a new approach to tourism. This newer approach was inspired by the book “Tourist Experience Design”, written by two professors at Milan University.

This new travel experience has been developed around a total concept that includes various themes, and revolves around asking the consumer different questions. By using the “Tourist Experience Design", the tour operator can be seen as a film director and the traveler as the star of their own movie, said Pia Carminelli, managing director of SuperTO. The tour operator recommends a storyboard rather than an itinerary that can be turned into a “unique motion picture that the traveler will personally perform in”.

Together with Toscana Promozione, SuperTO is currently working to secure a number of North American tour operators to be partners in this project, set to be launched in January 2013.