Off the Map Travel Debuts Off-Road Expedition in the Arctic

Off the Map Travel has created an exclusive new luxury travel opportunity for guests to drive off-road across Lapland in the same 4x4 off-road Arctic Explorer trucks designed and built for the filming of the Top Gear Polar Special TV show. The new winter adventure is available from December to March.

With guests taking the wheel, and led by a private guide, this new experience allows guests to both adventure deep into the Arctic wilderness, but also experience the luxury and comfort that can be found at some of the region’s high-end accommodations.

The expedition starts off on the coast of Norway, where a short drive from Tromsø, guests will gather at the Camp Tamok wilderness center to stock the trucks, get dressed head-to-toe in their Arctic clothing, and get the first taste of off road driving across the snow and ice covered Arctic wilderness.

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From here, guests jump behind the wheel once more and head into the wilderness with their private guide’s directions leading them across the Arctic tundra ahead. Although an outdoor adventure, guests will be staying overnight in luxury accommodations including an Art Suite at the original ICEHOTEL, an Aurora Dome tent in the heart of the wilderness, and the Lyngen Experience Lodge.

As guests cross Scandinavia off-road through Norway and Sweden to Finland and back again, they will also swap the off-road Arctic Explorer 4x4 for a snowmobile, dogsled, and RIB boat.

The experience also includes hunting for the Northern Lights, a private tour of the world’s northernmost distillery, traditional saunas, and gourmet dining.

As with any itinerary from Off the Map Travel, every adventure can be tailor-made to fit the wishes and requirements of any guest. The four-day, three-night Arctic Circle Expedition itinerary includes all transfers, accommodations, snowmobiling, dogsledding, Northern Lights hunts, Aurora Distillery tour activities, meals, drinks, private guide, Arctic clothing and boots, use of the Arctic Explorer 4x4 trucks and all the expedition equipment required for the off-road adventure.

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