Hamptons to Get Increased Train Service for Summer Season


Pity the Hamptons beachgoer in peak season: The only options to reach the ultra-swank Long Island hideaway are to deal with ridiculous traffic on the limited roadways or to catch one of the LIRR trains, which are often faster but decidedly unglamorous. 

But there's a bit of hope for Hamptons fans! According to City website Gothamist, The MTA has announced today that service will run non-stop between Penn Station and Westhampton starting this summer. This brings the trip time down to 94 minutes…at least until September. (Previously, passengers were required to travel to Long Island City for their Cannonball service, or, if they left from Penn Station, transfer midway to complete the journey to the Hamptons.) In addition, new for 2013, the LIRR will offer Cannonball Service returning on Sunday evenings from the Hamptons.

The schedule will be as follows

Friday - Cannonball East - Penn Station Departure: The Cannonball will depart from Penn Station at 4:07 PM, and does NOT stop at Jamaica. The Cannonball runs non-stop express to Westhampton (94 minutes later) arriving at 5:41 PM, Southampton at 6:03 PM, Bridgehampton at 6:13 PM, East Hampton at 6:25 PM and will complete its journey in Montauk, arriving at 6:48 PM.

Sunday - Cannonball West Service: On Sundays, the all-new Cannonball (West) will leave Montauk at 6:37 PM, East Hampton at 7:01 PM, Bridgehampton at 7:10 PM, Southampton at 7:20 PM, Hampton Bays at 7:31 PM and Westhampton at 7:39 PM. The train will then run express to Jamaica, arriving at 9:09 PM and complete its journey at Penn Station, arriving at 9:31 PM. 




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