Andrew Steinberg

Andrew Steinberg of Ovation Travel Group

Andrew Steinberg

Andrew Steinberg of Ovation Travel Group is an advisor who truly understands the needs of luxury clients because he has traveled in those circles his entire life. Immediately after graduating college he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a talent agent for a large agency, and the foundation he laid during that time drives his business today. 

“I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of clients from the worlds of finance, film and television, talent and fashion, all with great taste and a passion for adventure,” Steinberg says. “I have long-term relationships with people that believe in me and my level of taste and followed me into this industry.” 

Steinberg obtained his current level of success at Ovation in a short time — it is not quite two years since he joined the travel industry — but that success builds on groundwork he laid during his early career. Following his stint in Los Angeles, he moved back to his native New York City to work in publishing, and it was only after he sold that publishing business that he decided to turn his love of travel into a career as an advisor. 

“I’ve been in the business for less than two years, but I have been preparing for this my whole life,” Steinberg says. “I have traveled the world and kept meticulous records of all of my journeys. It is truly something I love.”

The leap into luxury travel was not easy, however. Before winning his current role at Ovation, Steinberg spent quite some time shopping his skills to various organizations. 

“While others didn’t see the potential in my relationships or my passion for travel, closing so many doors, Ovation opened their doors to me on day one,” Steinberg says. Since then, Steinberg has built a stellar reputation for himself with his knack for understanding the needs of his clients by drawing on his experiences working with high-level talent during his talent agency days. 

“I make each experience magical, from the moment they leave home until they return,” Steinberg says of the trips he curates for his clientele. “Since they don’t want to touch their luggage or think about what is next, I take care of everything so they can enjoy each magical moment.”

That attention to detail is growing Steinberg’s business through the power of personal recommendations. “Word of mouth is the best,” he says, “since clients talk, and if one has a flawless experience, others share. I also joined a Business Network International chapter, the most successful chapter in the U.S., so that should be a resourceful place going forward.”

Steinberg also credits much of his success to Ovation’s support. “They help me grow through the exchange of ideas and work to help make sure our clients have the best experience.”

Next up for Steinberg is a trip back to Japan in 2020, when he plans to explore the country outside of its larger cities. He also loves to explore his home of New York City, and he runs the board of a nonprofit called Chop Chop Family. 

“We are a kids’ cooking initiative that teaches cooking skills to children to fight the obesity epidemic,” Steinberg explains. “We publish magazines in English and Spanish. Chop Chop Family is based in Boston and has a truly amazing group of creative people doing great work, so please check us out online.”