Cheri Ozimac

Cheri Ozimac of Tully Luxury Travel

Cheri Ozimac

Growing up in Streetsville, a village within a Toronto suburb, Cheri Ozimac loved small-town life, but also “wondered if I would ever escape?” She did — extensively traveling the globe for her job and personal travel too. Two years ago, though, Ozimac, a senior travel designer and 13-year Tully Luxury Travel advisor, fell in love and moved to Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, a lovely destination with a small-town feel.

This time, however, it was as an adult who has seen the world. “I absolutely love it,” she says. “It’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful, and being surrounded by vineyards producing world-class wines was an easy adaptation.” That said, Ozimac also has a trendsetting career. With a strong sales and customer service background, she posts $6 million of Tully Luxury Travel’s $80 million in annual revenue; the agency is rated as one of the world’s top luxury travel specialists. 

Ozimac’s sales passion? It’s cruises — ocean, river, yacht, expedition and barge voyages. Tapped as a star for her strong sales growth, Ozimac is building her business with industry knowledge, sales driven skills, care in ensuring clients have the best experience and educating herself through travel experiences, webinars and online academies.

Ranging from 35 to 75-plus years of age, her clients are 80 percent Americans and 20 percent international. They vary from working professionals who travel one to two weeks, others who travel a couple of times a year or those sailing on World Cruises plus booking other trips that same year. One point she makes is that, at Tully Luxury Travel, “Luxury is defined totally by the client, whether that’s indulging in a five-star hotel or laying on a beach with no access to Wi-Fi.”

A veteran cruiser, Ozimac has sailed on most cruise lines multiple times, so she can easily discern which cruise line, accommodations and itinerary will work best. “As they say, there is a ship for everyone,” she says, but it’s much more too. “I also know where to take a taxi or hire a private car, which ports are worthwhile to have a private driver and guide and the best position to be on the ship during the cruise.” 

In June, Ozimac sailed on an Alaska cruise and in September, she was in Italy visiting Milan, Verona, the Valpolicella Region, Bologna, Venice and Venetian Lagoon islands. “Next, I have my sights [set] on South Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, not sure in which order,” she says.

Always ready to take on new business, she also pays extremely close attention to current loyal clients. Sales success comes from collaborating with cruise line representatives, engaging in new hobbies in her local area to increase networking and asking for referrals. Also, referring to Mary Jean Tully, the agency’s founder and CEO, Ozimac says: “I love working for someone like Mary Jean, who is so passionate about everything she does and it’s contagious.” She views Tully as a mentor and credits work colleagues for their expertise and professionalism.

When Ozimac isn’t selling travel, she’s often at the gym, calling it an “absolute lifestyle for me and always has been since I was a teenager.” She also enjoys cooking, dining out and savoring wines, plus listening to music, watching the news, and reading Condé Nast Traveler, the Tully Luxury Travel Bespoke Edition #13 (an agency newsletter/travel publication) and Dale Carnegie books. And, of course, she enjoys “dreaming of my next getaway.”