Cliff Morgan

Cliff Morgan of Largay Travel

Cliff Morgan

Cliff Morgan of Largay Travel has been a travel advisor for 34 years and tells us he loves sharing his industry know-how with other advisors to help them with their careers. 

“Because of my protracted industry tenure, I’m fortunate to possess a very deep and wide spectrum of travel knowledge,” Morgan says. “I especially enjoy sharing some of my challenging experiences to ideally prevent others from having to experience and endure the less-than-satisfactory outcomes that periodically rear their ugly heads.”

This team player attitude is a big reason why he was selected as his agency’s Trendsetter. Oh, and let’s not forget that he pulls in more than $2 million in annual revenue. 

Morgan has spent the last three-and-a-half years with Largay Travel. He tells us that they are “the most innovative agency I have ever worked for. They are always at the cutting edge of new products, suppliers, best practices and technology.”

He adds, “I truly feel that I am more a part of a community of like-minded professionals rather than somebody who just works ‘at a company.’ There are multiple events every year that bring everyone connected to the team together for both education and social purposes. This creates an authentic sense of community, connection and fun like no other agency I have ever worked in.”

And whether one is working out of Largay’s main office or remotely, Morgan touts the agency’s “free and robust exchange of ideas” among the advisors. 

Morgan tells Luxury Travel Advisor that his clients come from long-term relationships and referrals from those clients. “I have always prided myself in staying focused on the relationship and not the transaction, and it has resulted in many loyal, long-term, repeat clients,” he notes.

To elaborate, he says when he’s planning travel with a client, he never “sells” the trip, but rather he “tells” travel. It helps the client visualize the trip and it really resonates with them. 

Some of Morgan’s favorite types of trips to plan include multigenerational and family vacations to exotic and off-the-beaten-path adventures. He is also fond of booking numerous destinations within each trip. “Even though I work closely with many deluxe, scheduled departure tour operators, I prefer to be the curator and designer of multi-city vacations in Europe with many components and exclusive, behind-the-ropes opportunities,” Morgan says.

Recently, he has been to Buenos Aires and Miami, where he stayed at the Faena in each city. “Abercrombie & Kent did the ground arrangements for the Argentina portion of the trip and did an excellent job and made me eager to return to the area myself and also share their services with my clients,” he tells us.

To build his business, Morgan plans to become more proficient with all of the tech available through Largay Travel, allowing him to better blend high-touch with high-tech. He also plans to participate in as many educational offerings hosted by the agency “to share the benefits and insights with my clients.”

To get his mind right, Morgan starts each day with a mile swim. And when he isn’t swimming or “telling” travel, he’s working on his novel titled “The Last Train to London,” which is about a female member of the Dutch Resistance during World War II, helping children escape the Nazi invasion.