Grace Cammann

Grace Cammann of Roman & Erica, Inc.

Grace Cammann

As a member of Roman & Erica, Inc., Grace Cammann, based in New York City, not only plans luxury leisure travel for the agency’s clients but assists with event planning, lifestyle management, domestic recruitment “and dealing with everything and anything that comes up in their personal affairs.”

Everyone at the agency, which has an annual yearly revenue of $7.5 million, works on the same clients to handle anything they may need, blending the services of a luxury travel advisor and a personal assistant. Cammann became the first person hired outside of the family five years ago (her first job out of college) and today often works as the co-founders’ (Roman Chiporukha and Erica Jackowitz) right hand. “I have learned from the best, and because of this, they trust my taste and respect my opinions,” she tells us. 

When it comes to booking travel, she doesn’t have any specialty; rather, she says, “my niche is whatever my client desires.” 

“I have organized exclusive expeditions to track gorillas in Rwanda, snow leopards in the Himalayas and special hunting expeditions to remote parts of the world,” she adds. Each year, a client hosts a month-long event in Capri with a total of 50 friends and family coming and going. Cammann helps with the villa bookings (including all associated services, such as butlers, housekeeping and provisioning), 24-hour on-site drivers, yacht charters, restaurant and nightlife reservations, a “birthday extravaganza” for 150 people, flight reservations for everyone and daily excursions. 

“Although our team is very small [eight people], we operate at a very high level and are highly efficient,” Cammann says. “We are all enthusiastic, motivated and exceptionally detailed individuals who stand by the mantra of doing whatever it takes to get the job done for the sake of the client [as long as it is legal].”

To help learn about what her clients would like, Cammann invests in her own lifestyle and travel. For example, she visits Capri in high season, eats at all the newest Michelin-starred omakase spots and sees “almost everything” on Broadway. “My clients thoroughly appreciate that they have someone working for them who understands their life and who will spare nothing in order to make their lives and travel seamless,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. Cammann also spends plenty of one-on-one time with her clients to learn more about their preferences. “Not only am I part of their staff, but I am a part of their lives.”

It’s a level of effort you have to put in when you have no advertising or social media: Roman & Erica, Inc. operates by referral only. “My plan is to continue to impress my existing clients and watch the referrals roll in.” she says.

If you’re headed to Argentina, you should know that Cammann “adored” the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, which “feels very Four Seasons yet still authentically Argentinian.” In Mendoza, she “fell in love with The Vines.” The latter hotel was instantly put into her Top 10. “You’re situated so close to the mountains that you feel like you can reach out and touch them; the views are quite shocking. The villas are beyond tasteful, spacious and equipped with every necessity you could want [a massive terrace, indoor fireplace, outdoor bathtub, etc.],” she tells us. “Every crevice of The Vines is an Instagram opportunity. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part — you’re surrounded by vineyards.”