Lisa Spiller

Lisa Spiller of Preferred Travel of Naples, Inc.

Lisa Spiller

Lisa Spiller’s wheels are always turning. The 25-year veteran of the hospitality and travel business took her first shot at selling luxury travel with Preferred Travel of Naples, Inc. earlier this year and is already building some serious momentum. It’s this motivation that’s made her a Trendsetter.

“From my start date six months ago, I am currently at $450,000 [in revenue] and adding to it every day,” she tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “What motivates me is seizing the opportunities before someone else does. I wish I had more time in the day to do everything that I know is possible to build my business.”

To accomplish this goal, Spiller says she is taking every opportunity to invest in herself. “If there is a training [session] — including seminars, conferences, webinars, in-house supplier training or educational travel — I am signing up for it. If there are local charity or business network events, I am volunteering to personally be there to establish and build relationships.” 

On top of this, Spiller sent personalized letters to more than 1,000 people that she’s done business with in previous careers to inform them of her new job. She adds, “[I am] leveraging my relationships with key influencers and partnering with them to open up doors of opportunity for further exposure and to build sales through affinity groups.” Impressive. 

Spiller also notes the importance of creating her own social media presence, which she uses “to ignite awareness, referrals and, ultimately, sales.” 

Her focuses are “the destinations where my clients are inclined to go.” With that said, Spiller’s keen on learning more about the South Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tahiti.

This month, she will be hosting a Signature Travel Network voyage on the Paul Gauguin in Tahiti. Spiller will be hosting with her mother, “[who] used to be a travel agent back in the day.” They are staying at the InterContinental Resort Tahiti pre- and post-cruise. Next year, she will host another Signature group on a Regent Seven Seas cruise to Alaska. 

Also with Signature, Spiller traveled to Switzerland this year. Among her favorite hotels were the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne on Lake Geneva, Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad (a highlight of the visit), and the Park Hyatt and Baur au Lac in Zurich. The “grand highlight,” however, was the 48 hours spent on the railway, traveling from Gstaad to the Jungfrau, then on to Interlaken, Pilatus, Lucerne and, finally, Zurich. “I recommend this journey to everyone!” she says. (Tip: The Swiss Travel Pass is “a must.”)

Aligning yourself with the proper agency is the key to success, according to Spiller. “It is critical to join an agency that supports your continuous learning and development, recognizes and capitalizes on your strengths, and consciously inspires your creativity, ideas and passions,” she says. “I am rather entrepreneurial, and I have found very quickly that, if I bring an opportunity or an idea to the table, I will be provided the support, the advice, the wisdom and the tools to make it happen.”

Another bonus? One of the first tasks Spiller had to complete when joining the agency was to write down her travel bucket list. Owner Olga Placeres’ response? “Let’s see how many of these I can deliver to you within a year.”

Spiller adds, “Preferred Travel of Naples is a dream-maker because I believe that I have all the support I need to make my dreams a reality.”