Michael Tynan Arnold

Michael Tynan Arnold of The Tynan Travel Company, a Departure Lounge affiliate

Michael Tynan Arnold

When you are clients of your own company, your other customers see you as colleagues rather than vendors — and it “allows us to anticipate needs better than the competition,” says Michael Tynan Arnold of The Tynan Travel Company,  which is a Departure Lounge Affiliate in Dallas. “We’ve likely been there and we have likely done that.” Add to that a thorough client qualifying process and “a large investment in vetting suppliers annually,” and you begin to see how, during his agency’s soft launch in September 2018, “we became Departure Lounge’s top IC producer.” Arnold sold more than $3.7 million worth of travel and “we expect this to double in 2020/21.”

A strong relationship with Keith Waldon, his host agency’s founder, doesn’t hurt, either.

“Keith has been an incredible partner and mentor. He and I are often on the phone discussing aspirational ideas and goals that in some ways set the trends for the next few years,” Arnold says.

Originally from Pennsylvania, with a BA from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, and postgraduate finance studies at SMU, Arnold started his travel career in British Airways’ executive development program. During several years of holding various finance roles, “I maintained a deep interest in the travel industry by managing our friends’ and family’s travel portfolios,” he says. In the summer of 2018, his wife and friends convinced him to establish a travel management firm that served other private clients, which became The Tynan Travel Company.

After reviewing the various host agency options, “we landed on Departure Lounge,” Arnold says. “We loved their innovative take on the agency space. Keith Waldon took a risk partnering with Tynan Travel [and] helped guide our independent private client brand.” 

Tynan operates off a waitlist that currently has more than 85 households. “We vet our client’s backgrounds, travel needs, and historical habits before accepting them onto our platform. We want to ensure our client base is consistent in the spec of travel that is required. This allows us to offer an extremely well vetted platform that is customized to their needs,” Arnold says.

The agency’s niche is primarily focused on “ultra luxe” travel, “a mix of the best properties, commercial carriers, villas, charters, security, and tour operators globally, which dovetails nicely with Virtuoso’s network,” he says. “We are also in the process of launching a corporate travel line of business that provides a full spectrum solution for our Family Offices and Foundations clients.”

After leaving his home state to live and work in New York, London and San Francisco, Arnold settled in Texas, where he currently resides in University Park with his wife, two children, and two golden retrievers. But he hasn’t abandoned his Pennsylvania roots, being “very active with my alma mater.” He was also excited to go back “home” recently to experience the brand new Four Seasons Hotel at Comcast Center in Philadelphia. 

“Philly has been undergoing a revitalization for several years,” he says. “Stepping foot in the sky lobby of the new Four Seasons was physical proof of how far that historic city has come.”

When not actually traveling, Arnold likes to curl up with a book by his favorite author, Bill Bryson. “He is an irreverent comedian that covers his personal travel experiences, often by foot, as well as history.” He is currently reading Bryson’s “The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain.”