Natalia Chelnokova

Natalia Chelnokova of Frosch

Natalia Chelnokova

Recently promoted to director of Frosch Blueprint, Frosch’s new white-glove leisure division, Natalia Chelnokova heads up a team of luxury travel advisors on a mission of excellence — to craft incredible, customized leisure / personal trips for high-profile executives of Frosch’s corporate accounts. These luxury travelers include C-level executives; entrepreneurs and their families; clients hailing from “old money”; Millennial millionaires; and everyone from oil tycoons in Texas to A-list celebrities.  

“We’ve put together some remarkable trips in the past year,” says Chelnokova, stressing that Frosch Blueprint is also experimenting with technology and integrating the most advanced high-tech system to make clients’ travel hassle-free. Spearheading the new division’s development, Chelnokova, based in New York, also does individual bookings and detailed trip planning. But her prime responsibility, she says, is to “manage and grow the team of luxury leisure consultants to become true stars and always ‘wow’ Frosch Blueprint’s clients,” noting that many consultants are young, inspiring and eager to share their excitement. 

Above all, the team caters to each client’s individual needs, knowing that sometimes privacy and discreetness are key, while at other times, it’s all about loud statements and voyages extraordinaire. Detail-focused, the Frosch Blueprint advisors constantly “think ahead” and deliver the unexpected — reminding travelers to pack parkas and waterproof gear for an Antarctica expedition cruise or arranging for favorite tea and Vitamin C packets to be placed into a suite to help the client re-energize after a 10-hour-plus flight. 

Born in Moscow, Russia, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, Chelnokova was an experienced international traveler by age 10 as she traveled throughout Europe with her family. She later moved to the U.K., studied at England’s CASS Business School and then, after graduation, relocated to the U.S., where she’s since lived in Boston, San Francisco and now New York City. 

Early in her career, she joined IAVRA, a start-up that would link travel agents and villa owners. While earning her MBA, however, “I realized that my passion for travel should not just be a hobby but a career,” she says. By 2012, she had become a travel advisor at boutique agency Baroque Access, planning travel for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Joining Frosch’s Private Client Services Department in 2014, Chelnokova maintains that “the secret to success is to be patient about your job, regardless of your career.” 

After a recent travel industry conference in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Chelnokova was able to spend a few extra days with her husband and daughter at Rosewood Mayakoba. As a new mom, she’s now noticing and appreciating family travel touches not on her priority list in the past. She was “blown away” by a tiny robe and slippers placed in the family’s hotel room, personalized bib with her daughter’s name, and the child’s favorite smoothie waiting at breakfast. At the beach, Rosewood Mayakoba’s staff brought out toys for sand play and extra umbrellas for shaded nap time. 

Currently reading Dean MacCannell’s “The Tourist,” Chelnokova is an art lover who keeps her finger on the pulse of new gallery openings. She also enjoys yoga and meditation in her morning routine. Career-wise, she’s appreciative of the strong support received from the family-owned Frosch and her enthusiastic, supportive work colleagues. “It’s very rare that one can come across such an understanding, loving environment in our industry,” she says.