Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones of Insider NYC, an affiliate of Coastline Travel

Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones, from Insider NYC, an affiliate of Coastline Travel, says his niche is luxury travel. However, he says, “This doesn’t mean it has to be out-of-this-world expensive, it just means the travel I sell is going to give you the experience of a VIP from the beginning to the end.” 

Jones has only been selling travel for two years but has found a comfortable home with Insider NYC (where he has been since the start of his career in travel). “I love that I can be myself at my agency,” he tells Luxury Travel Advisor. “I love that I’m able to take my creativity and put it to good use and I’m able to flourish.” 

Already, Jones’ clients range from “lawyers to hedge funds to financial securities and tech groups to Broadway dancers to the leisure traveler that needs help planning a trip of a lifetime.” And in order to make that “trip of a lifetime” come true, Jones says he always goes the extra mile while planning — but, in the end, it all comes down to his relationship with suppliers. “I am truly myself with my vendors and it allows me to have a good relationship with them which in turn, allows me to create an unforgettable trip for my clients,” he tells us. 

Looking forward, Jones says he seeks to grow his business through networking and social media.

Prior to joining the travel industry, Jones was a Broadway dancer for 20 years. When he was 15, his parents took him to his first Broadway show (“I was hooked!” he says). While he was in college, Jones was offered a part in the national tour of the musical “Footloose,” and thus began his career on stage. “Dancing professionally brought me all over the world — to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, China and to all 50 of the United States,” he tells us. For the tour of his most recent show, “Wicked,” they would travel to different cities but for two to three months at a time, helping Jones become very familiar with each. 

“When I decided to leave show business last year as my body couldn’t handle dancing eight shows a week anymore, it seemed to be a perfect transition into travel,” Jones tells us.

In addition to helping him find his new career, dancing on Broadway also introduced Jones to his now-husband, Adam Sanford of Amangiri. As Jones has yet to see the property, it’s next on his travel list. 

As for places that Jones has been, he says he recently visited Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale, as well as Greece and a private island in Grenada. “I love anything Four Seasons,” he adds. “They really understand service and it never fails … they are very responsive and able to assist in making sure my clients are taken care of.” 

Jones is also a fan of Marriott’s Luxury Brands, including the Luxury Collection and The Ritz-Carlton (with Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve being one of his favorites). “I love everyone that works for global sales and local sales [for Marriott’s Luxury Brands],” he says.

Tip: Privilege Italia and Valesa Cultural Services are two of Jones’ favorite ground operators. Whenever he sends a client to Italy, Spain or Portugal, he’s confident that they will be treated like VIPs.