Vienna Museum Displays Wardrobe of Empress Sisi

Fans of European Royalty will want to head to Austria this year, where the iconic wardrobe of the equally iconic Habsburg Empress Elisabeth (more popularly known as Sisi—pictured right at her wedding, when she was just 16) can be seen at an exhibition commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the Sisi Museum. (Not surprisingly, the museum was named in honor of the Empress.)

As the New York Times reports, the museum, which is in the Hofburg Palace, has the fifth-highest annual tourist visits - 645,000 in 2013 - in all of Vienna. (And as we've noted before, there is plenty to see and do in the city.) Fans can see Sisi's blue Corfu gown, which she wore on Habsburg vacations to the Greek island, and which shows off exactly how slender she was. (At five-foot-eight-inches, she had a 19-inch waist.) 

The exhibit also marks the 160th anniversary of the Bavarian-born Empress's marriage to Emperor Franz Josef, and is set to close on December 24, Sisi's 177th birthday.