What to Pack for a City Break

by Alice Newbold and Junior Style Editor, The Daily Telegraph, September 30, 2016

The following fashion tick list might not sound ground-breaking, but we have all fallen prey to poor packing while on a weekend away. To avoid any sartorial faux pas - or worse, blisters - it’s all about streamlining the contents of your holdall into a selection of versatile pieces that tick off all eventualities, and that you will actually want to wear.

Flat shoes you can really rely upon

A no brainer, right? Regardless of common sense, it’s always tempting to pack that shiny, new pair of shoes that will inevitably give you sore toes. Save yourself the emergency plaster run, and stick to shoes you know are comfortable. If you’re worried your Converse won’t go with the dresses you have packed for dinner dates, then pack a pair of slimline embellished flats or ballet pumps too.

Ryan McVay/ DigitalVision/Getty Images

Trench coat

A season appropriate cover-up that will look smart during the day, evening and whatever occasion the trip should throw at you. Remember the 18 Hour Wardrobe previously discussed here at The Telegraph? A savvy packer will streamline her wardrobe to include a coat with enough versatility to ensure that whenever or wherever it is worn, it will look appropriate.

A bag that is actually cabin-appropriate

Airlines are cracking the whip on baggage suitable to go in the cabin hold. Research your flight allowance before being told to condense your belongings in front of the 200 other people waiting to check-in. We favour a roomy tote, plus a compact cross-body to keep your essentials close to hand. Should the airline staff dictate just one holdall, you can pop the handbag inside temporarily when boarding.

A cross-body bag for hands-free ease

Stick to small cross-body styles to avoid the dreaded shoulder ache of carrying your life around all day. You can count the absolute essentials you need on one hand (phone, bank and travel cards, keys) so think about whether you really need the disposable cameras, books, extra sunglasses etc before you cram them in. Your posture will thank you for it.

Light layers

This could be camisoles and crew-neck t-shirts in the summer, or vests and cashmere come winter. Whatever the season or city, light layers are not only great for stacking in a holdall with limited space, but will form the foundation of all your outfits. Simply add or takeaway depending on temperature.

A handful of little details

Trophy earrings, neck scarves and brooches take up far less space than yet another jumper, but will give your basics extra oomph. 


This article was written by Alice Newbold and Junior Style Editor from The Daily Telegraph and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.