India: The Golden Triangle

Visitors to India often discover that the large country can’t be experienced fully in just one visit. That’s why we say it’s best for visitors to decide on a specific area to focus on depth. One of the most popular regions in India, and perhaps the best to suggest for beginners, is the Golden Triangle, which comprises the cities Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. Jaipur, so named for the pinkish hue of its buildings, offers some of the best shopping in India; Delhi, a sprawling metropolis, is an opulent display of India both old and new; and Agra, home to the famed Taj Mahal, is a must on any India itinerary.

Book Golden Triangle excursions through Delhi-based luxury outfitter Eastbound Tours (; insiders at Eastbound suggest devoting at least one week to the Golden Triangle tour), the land operator for Texas-based Ker & Downey ( Additionally, Eastbound can arrange luxury transfers, either by air or car, between cities. Many guests prefer to drive the Golden Triangle route, as the views of the countryside and Indian life are often the highlight of the trip; in fact, it’s not uncommon to see camels, elephants, cows and vehicles trafficking the same roads.

 We think the ideal place to begin—and end—a trip to the Golden Triangle is Delhi (suggest your clients spend at least two nights in Delhi to get over jet lag).

In Delhi, we love the Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi ( Here, request the Grand Presidential Suite or the Oriental Suite for VIP guests; the views of the India Gate, a war memorial and symbol of freedom, will impress even the most seasoned traveler.


the Taj Mahal Hotel’s Tanjore Suite features a separate living and dining area and distinct Indian décor.