Adventure: Ice Driving With Luxury Action

Now is the time to experience your favorite car not on the pavement but on ice. Luxury Action, the all-inclusive private travel company based in Finland, is now offering an “Ice Driving Experience.” Clients will get to drive their own luxe, speedy cars on customized ice-driving tracks (think Formula One circuits used at Silverstone).

Luxury Camp

The experience will begin when guests spend the night in a unique luxury camp by the ice track. It’s not all about the cars -- a big draw is getting the chance to sleep under the Northern Lights in Iceland. In the summer the track is created on glaciers and, in winter, on the lakes of Lapland.

As for transporting the cars, CARS facilitates round-trip, door-to-door service with sea and air transport options. Guests don’t have to worry about customs -- an in-house team handles both import and repatriation.