Artisans of Leisure Announces New South Korea Itineraries

seoul, south korea
Photo by Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Now it’s easier than ever to experience South Korea in one of the most authentic ways possible, thanks to the newly reinvented itineraries from worldwide tour operators Artisans of Leisure.

Artisans of Leisure’s new South Korea Tours include highlights of Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, Jeju Island and Jeonju. The new itineraries are designed to emphasize authentic Korean culture and traditions, offering travelers the country’s best food, art, architecture, music, fashion, design, natural attractions and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Some of the new South Korean tours include Best of Seoul, Highlights of South Korea, Art & Architecture Tour, Culinary Tour, Seoul Stopover, Introduction to South Korea and Three Capitals: Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

Some of the experiences offered on the tours include spending the night in a Buddhist temple; hiking a UNESCO-listed volcano on Jeju Island; a tour of Seoul’s Biwon Secret Garden; guided tours of the DMZ, or demilitarized zone, separating North and South Korea; private taekwondo lessons; kimchi, bibimbap and other cooking lessons; tours of hanok districts in Seoul and Jeonju of traditional Korean houses; private tastings of Korean spirits and Korean rice wine like makgeolli; and more.

All tours include sightseeing with private guides and drivers, customized activities based on personal interests and accommodations at luxury hotels including the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul and Park Hyatt Busan.

We recommend these new Artisans of Leisure South Korea tours for new and returning South Korean visitors who want to see the country and culture in a different light. With tours focusing on culture, K-Pop, culinary cuisine and curated art they are perfect for each member of your group no matter what interests them.