Luxury Experience Booking Service, Wabunka, Launches Website

Japan Culture and Technology, Inc., operator of Wabunka, an online booking platform for exclusive experiences in Japan, has launched a website. The new platform will focus on overseas customers specializing in private and multilingual services for tourists to the country.

The experience reservation platform Wabunka was launched by the founder, whose mother is a calligrapher, with the belief that the power of technology and design can solve the problem of insufficient resources for information dissemination faced by artists and craftspeople involved in the industries of traditional Japanese cultures. Wabunka focuses on supporting artisans and artists with traditional skills that should be passed on to the next generation and developed, by drawing out the charm and potential of traditional crafts and culture, often regarded as consumer content for tourism, and co-creating unique experiences with businesses.

Artisan Kyukei Goto, a descendant of Unkei, who carved the Kongorikishi statue at the Great South Gate of Todaiji Temple, a World Heritage Site, collaborated with Wabunka to offer an immersive experience to participants, so more people can learn about the work created by the traditional technique of Kamakura-Bori (wood carvings and lacquerware) as art beyond the traditional crafts. In just two and a half months since the release of the plan, over 100 people have made reservations for this experience.

Wabunka also plans and offers private tours and exclusive experiences at World Heritage Sites such as Kiyomizudera Temple and Kokedera Temple. Initially, 27 experiences specializing in private tours will be listed at the launch of the website. The number of experiences will be increased at the rate of 10 per month. Arrangements for interpreters with expertise in the field of the experience as well as accommodation and transportation are available.

The launch of the global website is aimed at forming partnerships with overseas travel agencies and concierge businesses which handle luxury tours, in anticipation of the increase in inquiries to the company due to the recovery of inbound tourism in Japan.

“Our special experiences enrich people and invigorate Japanese traditional craft and art industries. We alter the traditional tourism industry in Japan and challenge the global luxury-tourism market,” shared Ryu Iikura, CEO.

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