Following up on its Luxe Report, which predicts the top travel trends for the following year, Virtuoso has announced its top 10 experiences for 2020. The “must-have” travel experiences include:

1. Surfing Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Bondi is just outside the city center and extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. Serious surfers hang out at the southern end of the beach, while novices occupy the northern stretch, where waves are often smaller. (Bonus: Live like an influencer at the QT Bondi, where guests can receive a Pilates session, VIP dinner reservation and special treatment at  the spa.)

2. Heading to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, taking place July 24 to August 9. Japan continues to trend in 2020, finding itself on two Luxe Report lists for global and emerging destinations. Beyond the Olympic Games, travelers will enjoy Japan’s scenery, cities, culinary delights and cultural heritage.

3. Witnessing the Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya, where millions of zebras, wildebeest and antelope traverse the landscape in search of food and water while attempting to elude predators such as lions and crocodiles. 

4. Living like a local for a month (or more) in Italy, the Luxe Report’s top global destination of 2020. As authenticity is one of the year’s top trends, travelers can immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the country. Ideas: Rent a villa; find a favorite espresso or wine bar; learn the language; master the cuisine (or just savor it).

5. Supporting the Bahamas after the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian, which severely damaged Grand Bahama and Abaco islands in September. Tourism comprises 60 percent of the nation’s economy and revenues from visitors boost recovery efforts. (Good to know: Many of the hotels, restaurants and activities on Grand Bahama have already reopened; the Abacos are expected to take more time.

View of the moai heads on Easter Island in front of Pacific Ocean

Photo by Lindrik/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images    

6. Flying around the world via private jet, touching down at such destinations as Easter Island, Petra and the Taj Mahal. Travelers can country-hop in style with attentive on-board crew assisting with every need, while also bypassing commercial airports.

7. Exploring Antarctica. The continent was voted the top adventure destination in the 2020 Luxe Report, proving that cold-weather spots are hot. Travelers can kayak with humpback whales, watch penguins in their natural habitat and even take a dip in the frigid waters. 

8. Sailing through the Panama Canal. This century-old engineering marvel is even more impressive up close on a full transit cruise. It takes a day to traverse the 50 miles of locks as the ship makes its way from ocean to ocean.

9. Enjoying the slow-down trend of the year: Rail travel. The majesty of the Canadian Rockies unfolds before passengers with a train journey aboard the incomparable Rocky Mountaineer. Gaze at panoramic surroundings through the glass-dome coaches, savor ­­local cuisine and learn about natural and historic sites along the way from expert hosts. 

10. Venturing to an uninhabited island in Tonga for the ultimate unplugged escape. This Polynesian kingdom comprises 140 islands without residents, as well as a wonderfully temperate climate and tropical scenery. Guest can soak up on the sun on a private beach, snorkel in crystal-clear waters and explore jungles. 

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