Black Tomato and Meritage Collection Partner to Create Hyperlocal Itineraries

Black Tomato and Meritage Collection have partnered to offer travelers the Taste of Sunshine hyperlocal itineraries.

The luxury travel company and the luxury hotel portfolio have created six itineraries, uncovering under-the-radar gems surrounding all of the Meritage Collection hotels. With the Taste of Sunshine packages, travelers can enjoy hidden adventures and destinations seamlessly throughout the course of their stay. 

“I’ve always been enchanted by California and Hawaii’s sun-kissed and laid-back approach to life, and to me the Meritage Collection portfolio of hotels effortlessly capture the natural beauty and local charm of each area. At Black Tomato we believe our clients’ travel experiences should be influenced by the local spirit of the destinations they visit,” Tom Marchant, Black Tomato Co-Founder, said. “And with this in mind we’re thrilled to be partnering with The Meritage Collection as we’re able to bring the coastlines of California and the surf of Kauai to life through beautifully shot videos and local stories that will inspire our audience to travel and experience these iconic places for themselves.”
To promote the Taste of Sunshine packages, celebrated locals, such as Napa Valley restauranteur and chef Cindy Pawlcyn, helped curate a series of videos, named The Sunshine Series. The videos aim to serve as an inspiration to both residents and visitors alike.  

Each episode of the Sunshine Series focuses on a different Meritage Collection property,  from Kauai to Santa Barbara, to immerse viewers into the stunning scenery and local spirit of the destinations.