Boeing 787 Dreamliner Debuts in China

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its debut trip to Beijing Capital International Airport on December 5. The plane is designed to give passengers a more comfortable flight. Larger windows let travelers to adjust the tint and spacious overhead bins allow for larger carry ons. Also, insulation in the plane’s walls reduces squeaks and vibrations.

In addition, the Dreamliner’s technology creates a smoother ride through turbulence and lower cabin altitude. Oxygen is also filtered three times to give passengers cleaner breathing air.

Designed for 210 to 250 passengers, the mid-sized airplane is capable of flying long-range routes and bridges a gap in the market.  Because the plane can fly these longer distances Boeing hopes airlines will be able to open more non-stop flights.

The Dreamliner will visit China from December 4-11 with stops in Beijing, Guangzhou and Haikou for Chinese customers, partners, government officials and media. The 787 Dreamliners has flown to other destinations such as Berlin earlier this year.

More than 50 airlines have already ordered more than 800 787 Dreamliners.