Christian Delteil Named Director of Hotel Crillon le Brave

Since food is a major part of any vacation, Christian Delteil, a former chef, has been named Director at Hotel Crillon le Brave, a boutique hotel in France. Delteil will also serve as the leader of the hotel’s restaurant team.

The Southern France native brings over 35 years of experience and a profound knowledge of the hospitality industry and French cuisine. Delteil established his career with a stint at La Gavroche, a well-known London restaurant, followed by an Executive Chef position at Chewton Glen, where he won his first Michelin star. Over the years, he rose up the ranks and opened his first restaurant, which earned him a second Michelin Star. In the 90s, he became Managing Director of Bank Group Restaurants and most recently worked as a consultant collaborating with a number of restaurants and hotels throughout Europe.

As Director, Delteil will oversee all hotel and restaurant operations for Hotel Crillon le Brave. Embodying the region’s famous southern fare, Crillon le Brave’s restaurant serves up local dishes such as gigot d’agneau (leg of lamb) and filet de rougets (fresh wild sea bass).

The hotel offers experiential packages throughout the year, including Truffle & Wine weekends, hands-on cooking programs and participation in the yearly Vendanges (grape harvest for wine).

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