Context Travel Launches Programs in Budapest, Vienna

Context Travel has announced its offerings in Eastern Europe with the opening of Vienna and Budapest. After beginning operations in Prague in May 2012, the company now provides visitors with small group walking tours in these three urban centers.

Both Vienna and Budapest started with a pool of five to six locally based scholars and a selection of walks that cover a range of topics. In Budapest, the Context program features a tour of the Castle District and an introduction to downtown Pest, as well as thematic visits covering the Belle Epoque period and a look into Budapest's Jewish history, led by a professor of Jewish studies.

Offerings in Vienna include a guided visit with an art historian to the Kunsthistorisches Museum and an exploration of Jugendstil architecture on a tour of the Vienna Secession. Of particular note in Vienna is the Counterpoint and Harmony, Music in Vienna tour. Gilles Gubelmann, a set and costume designer for the Vienna opera, leads this visit, which also has clients listen to a selection of classical music.

Walks will be offered both privately on request and as regularly scheduled shared group walks.

Founded by National Geographic writer Paul Bennett and graphic designer Lani Bevacqua, Context Travel is a network of English-speaking scholars and professionals, including art historians, writers, architects and gastronomes, who organize and lead walking seminars in twenty-one world cities, including: Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Paris, London,Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Istanbul, Athens, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Shanghai and Beijing.