Holland America's Zaandam And Rotterdam Cleared to Dock

Holland America Line has confirmed that Broward County and the Unified Command cleared both Zaandam and Rotterdam to arrive in Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Each vessel will disembark those who can travel per guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Once they reach Port Everglades, guests will be health screened and also cleared for entry by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. All passengers will be placed into one of two categories: "Fit for Travel" or "Not Fit for Travel." 

According to the repatriation plan, "Fit for Travel" means that the passenger does not have an elevated temperature and has answered "no" to the following questions: 

The symptom, and a "yes" or "no" response
Illness Questionnaire Per The Repatriation Plan 

"Fit For Travel" Protocol 

Those who pass the screenings will receive a "Clear to Debark" card to present at the gangway; only those with the clearance will be allowed to disembark. After this checkpoint, fit-for-travel guests will transfer straight from ship onto buses for transfer directly to the airport for their flights home. Most will leave on charter flights. Local Florida residents will travel home immediately through a private car.

"Not Fit For Travel" Protocol 

Those who are "Not Fit for Travel" will stay onboard and isolated until recovery.

Note: the United States Coast Guard, issued a safety bulletin in March for vessels with 50 or more passengers; those with sick on board must stay at sea, unless they must evacuate passengers.

Once they are deemed "Fit for Travel," they will be processed by the CBP & cleared to disembark. They will abide by the travel protocols mentioned above, which includes wearing a face mask for the duration of the ride home. 

Since March 22, 107 guests (90 on Zaandam/17 on Rotterdam) and 143 crew on Zaandam (0 on Rotterdam) have shown influenza-like symptoms. There are 808 guests and 583 crew on Rotterdam. On Zaandam there are 442 guests and 603 crew. No crew from either ship will disembark in Fort Lauderdale.

Holland America says disembarkation is expected to be completed on April 4, with priority given today to those who require immediate care at local health system partners.

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