Regent Unveils New Travel Advisor Partner Program

Regent Seven Seas Cruises has introduced a new travel partner program designed to raise their relationship with travel advisors. “Regent Elevate” represents the line’s dedication to empowering and investing in travel partners with “Elevated Insights,” “Elevated Support” and “Elevated Growth” opportunities.

“At Regent, we believe that travel advisors are the lifeblood of the cruise industry, and our mission is to empower them to succeed,” said Andrea DeMarco, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The new 'Regent Elevate' program will focus on providing marketing insights, sales support and growth-enhancing opportunities, according to DeMarco.

As part of the launch of “Regent Elevate,” the line has unveiled three flagship initiatives under the three key pillars of the new program.

  • “Elevated Insights” will help travel advisors excel in the luxury cruise market through comprehensive training, market research and data to help target Regent guests, as well as guidance on a range of marketing disciplines from in-house experts.
  • With a range of sales and marketing tools, optimized marketing collateral and a user-friendly online marketing asset portal, Marketing Central, Regent offers “Elevated Support” to empower travel advisors in selling its itineraries.
  • Whether an experienced advisor or one just getting started, Regent provides abundant opportunities to nurture “Elevated Growth” together, from rich incentives, promotional offers and earning “Commissions-with-a-Comma.”

Additionally, as part of “Regent Elevate,” RSSC University has been revamped and relaunched with new graduate degree levels and new courses to provide travel advisors with a strong basis to sell Regent cruises. A new Master’s degree includes courses such as “The Regent Guest,” “Epicurean Perfection,” “Personalized Service” and “Luxurious Space.” Regent has also doubled its RSSC University bonus commission amount from $100 previously to $200 for each new reservation submitted within 120 days following degree completion.

Tip: In celebration of the revamped RSSC University, Regent is partnering with The Travel Institute, offering 100 advisors the chance to receive a sponsored scholarship to become a Certified Travel Associate. The newly revised, self-paced Certified Travel Associate program covers 15 areas of study designed to focus on skills needed to succeed as a travel consultant in North America.

As part of another collaboration with hotel strategist Larry Mogelonsky, Regent has developed a new webinar focusing on how Regent compares to luxury hotel land-based vacations alongside a luxury hotel comparison toolkit.

Good to know: Regent is offering the opportunity for travel advisors to earn more with a $250 gift card incentive in October for newly deposited 2024 bookings.

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