Seabourn Continues UNESCO Partnership With New Voyages

The exclusive partnership between Seabourn and UNESCO continues as the ultra-luxury cruise line announces new UNESCO Partner Tours at World Heritage Sites across Europe for the season ahead. The tours will offer guests privileged access and guide-led explorations.

Available on select scheduled Seabourn cruises starting this summer, each UNESCO Partner Tour focuses on individual UNESCO World Heritage Sites selected, and protected, for their cultural, historical, scientific or other significance to humankind. 

Portland, England: Stonehenge

Guests will have a full hour to explore, snap photos and take in the majesty of the towering stones of Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain of England. Available on the port call at Portland for Seabourn Quest on August 20.

Amalfi, Italy: Extraordinary Amalfi Cooking Class

Take a hands-on visit to the 13th Century Paper mill that enabled the spread of ancient Amalfi Law. Join Salvatore Aceto, the last in the line of a multi-generational Amalfi lemon farming family, as he retraces his family history lemon by lemon. In a family-style outdoor kitchen, learn traditional recipes and techniques in a cooking class concluding with a traditional Amalfi. Available on all 2017 port calls to Amalfi for Seabourn Encore (June 11, July 7 & 27, August 26, September 25) and Odyssey (June 7 & 27, July 25).

Valencia, Spain: The Silk Exchange

Valencia was the final stop on the Silk Road, and today only one man alive is able to work the 5,000-thread loom and produce the last pure velvet of this tradition. The complex process is extravagant to witness, and this skill will be lost upon his retirement.  A visit to the gothic Silk Exchange Building concludes with a market visit and horchata tasting. Available for the port call to Valencia on Seabourn Encore on September 5.

Gibraltar: The Ultimate Archeologist Experience at Gorham's Cave

Gorham's Cave Complex is one of the world's most important sites for understanding the "global story" of human evolution and adaptation. Join Doctors Geraldine and Clive Finlayson, scientists involved in unearthing these discoveries, in the heart of the cave that only 120 people access each year. A visit to the Gibraltar Museum will offer access to archeological finds not available to the general public. Available on port calls to Gibraltar on Seabourn Encore August 11 & September 10.

Barcelona, Spain: The World of Gaudi

Discover the modern architect Antoni Gaudí, who created his most unusual and controversial works in Barcelona. Join an expert architect for a guided tour of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, considered to be Gaudí's richest work and truest to the Modernist form. Available on all port calls to Barcelona on Seabourn Encore (May 20, June 3, July 16, August 5 & 15, September 4 & 14) and Seabourn Odyssey (April 27, May 17, July 16, October 4)

Valletta, Malta: Megalithic Malta & the National Museum of Archaeology

Hagar Qim is the oldest freestanding megalithic temple in Europe. Guests will join one of Malta's national archaeologists at this excavation, where a restricted-access chamber will be made available. They will go behind the scenes in a private viewing room with director Sharon Sultana's team, to view the National Museum's "hidden" collections in Valletta, including an up-close viewing of the elongated skulls found in Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Available on port calls to Valletta on sailings aboard Seabourn Odyssey (May 29, June 26, July 29, & September 23) and on Seabourn Encore (July 26, August 25, & September 24).

Seabourn visits over 170 ports with access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites each year. Fares for optional excursions that include UNESCO World Heritage Sites include a small donation to UNESCO's World Heritage Fund.