Acapulco Cultural and Visitor Attractions

Acapulco is known as a resort destination but there is plenty to do off's what you need to know to go exploring.

Fort of San Diego Museum - travelers can satisfy their inner explorer by viewing centuries of history and culture in 12 exposition rooms.  During the exploration, guests can admire the breathtaking views or take a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn carriage down the Costera Miguel Aleman, a wide bay front boulevard flanked by beaches, hotels and restaurants.

House of Masks - only a block from the Fort of San Diego, on the Cultural Corridor, the House of Masks offers the opportunity to discover this unique artistic expression.  Through these multicolored masks, Guerrero’s artisans take us on a fantastic trip through their religion and culture.

Historic Naval Museum of Acapulco - located in the center of the city, this museum has a large part of the history and culture of the Bay of Santa Lucia, which was the principal port of commerce on the Pacific Coast for more than 250 years.  It has a consulting library specializing in maritime themes, the workshop for building ship models is open to the public and visitors can observe the step-by-step construction of the naval models.

Home of Dolores Olmedo - another cultural must see, located in the Traditional area of Acapulco, is the home of the late Dolores Olmedo, who possessed the largest collection of Diego Rivera paintings in the world and a long-time friend of Rivera, and the woman that Diego Rivera asked to marry him after the death of his wife, the controversial painter, Frida Kahlo. This house represents a cultural heritage and is a living witness to the art of Diego Rivera in Acapulco.  If you have the time, stop by this house located on Inalambrica #6 on the Cerro de la Pinzona.  Travelers can appreciate the mural located on the outside wall called Exekatlkalli, a sculpture painting where the Gods Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, of the Aztec culture, can be appreciated.

La Quebrada - one of the most popular cultural attractions in Acapulco is the iconic La Quebrada, where local divers amaze crowds by plunging off cliffs up to 112 ft in height to the waves below.  For 75 years, the intrepid cliff divers of Acapulco have been a tradition and must see attraction passed on from generation to generation. Presently the divers offer daily shows at 1:00, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 p.m

Tehualcalco Ruins - the recently discovered archeological zone of Tehuacalco officially opened in December 2008. Tehuacalco includes the remains of a ball court, residential space and holy temple belonging to a pre-hispanic settlement. The project represents a joint effort between the federal and local government to promote the cultural identity of the region and the importance of continued research of pre-hispanic civilizations. Tehuacalco is a convenient 50-minute drive from Acapulco.

See more of Acapulco in the video below:

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