Annual Paris Dining Event Comes to New York

The New York Times has a charming story today about a notable recent dinner in Paris that will be replicated soon in New York.

Three weeks ago, thousands of Parisians dressed entirely in white gathered on two of the city’s most picturesque locations—4,400 of them in the plaza at the cathedral of Notre Dame; 6,200 in a courtyard of the Louvre—for a "secret" feast. According to the article, they brought along not only their own food, but also their own tables, chairs, glasses, silver and napkins. When the meal was over, they took everything away, even the cigarette butts, leaving no clue that they had ever been there.

The annual Dîner en Blanc—“dinner in white”—began in 1988, and will come to New York on August 25, rain or shine. A thousand people—half invited, the others drawn from an online waiting list (—will participate in this refined flash-mob feast, at an as-yet undisclosed location in Manhattan. The site is revealed at the last moment, both to avoid gate-crashing and to preserve instantaneousness.

The article paints a vivid portrait of the feast: "The guests, decked out in white suits, dresses, skirts, feather boas and even wings, carried heavy picnic gear and delicacies like pâté de foie gras, poached salmon and fine cheeses — each table brings its own meal."

If your clients in New York want to take part in this unique gastronomic experience, sign them up and keep an eye out for more information. We'll post more as soon as we hear about it.


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