Cycle With Ease: The Electric Bike

Commuter, classic
Pedego City Commuter, Classic

Cycling has always been a popular activity for travelers, because it is an intimate way to get to know a destination from zipping down the small alleys in Italy to exploring famous natural sites like Central Park. And now cycling just got more enjoyable with the growing popularity of eBikes, or electric bikes.

These bikes look like normal bicycles, except they have a small, quiet motor on the rear wheel hub that propels the bike forward when the pedal assist or throttle are activated.  

One eBike model that has caught our eye is the Pedego City Commuter. This sleek ride was made for the city streets, complete with an LCD display that shows the speed, ride time, odometer, trip distance, pedal assist level and battery power. The battery must be charged, but don’t worry. It charges like a laptop and only takes three hours to reach full power -- you can charge it at the office.

The City Commuter is perfect for all levels of riders, as you don’t have to pedal at all with the five levels of pedal assist that can reach 20 mph (vroom). The rider also has the option to turn off the pedal assist completely and ride it like a normal bike.

The City Commuter comes in two styles, Step-thru and Classic. Step-thru comes in black, white and steel blue, and the Classic comes in black, steel blue and taupe. There is a 26-inch and 28-inch model, and customization can be added with a tire color choice of black or tan. Don’t forget: You don’t need any special license or registration to ride an eBike, but in most states the rider must be at least 16 years old.