Dispatch from Paris: Evanela Organizes Encounters with Luxury Artisans

Fashion on an Evanela Tour in Paris

Heading to France this year? There’s a new luxury tour company you should put on your radar. Experiential travel continues to be all the rage, and the savoir-faire of French artisans—the leather makers, the haute couture ateliers—is celebrated around the world. For those looking to get a peek inside these ateliers, to encounter the artisans behind the famous luxury goods, Evanela (www.evanela.com) is the answer.

Luxury Travel Advisor recently met with Founder Lucie Knappek, and explored the atelier which creates the award-winning costumes worn by theatre actors, Crazy Horse dancers, and movie stars. From the original sketches to the “tiny hands” who sew the couture creations, we saw the entire process at the renowned Atelier MBV Costumier, which has a fabulous location right in the heart of Paris, just a stone’s throw from the Palais Royal.

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Leather goods on an Evanela Tour in Paris

Unique in Paris, Evanela opens the doors to this exclusive world. Knappek has a network of contacts including cabinet-makers, sculptors, leather craftsmen, corset-makers, and more-- all over France. Encounters are customized based on individual desires, and last from one hour to a whole day. Price upon request. For more information, contact Lucie Knappek at [email protected]; +33 (0)6 24 53 62 05.

MBV Costumier on an Evanela tour in Paris

Photos of luxury goods and artisans via Evanela; photo of couture costumes by Atelier MBV Costumier

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