Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica Biodiversity/Conservation Experience

Travelers looking to explore Costa Rica’s rich, diverse ecosystem on land and sea can now do with the new Conservation Land and Sea Experience at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo. This two-day eco-learning Extraordinary Experience brings guests close to Costa Rica’s rare and endangered wildlife through explorations with experts. 

“Costa Rica and our Peninsula Papagayo setting are home to fascinating micro-climates and rare, exotic species that many people never get the chance to see,” said deneral manager Michael Mestraud, in a written release. “The most rewarding part of our new Extraordinary Experience is empowering guests to fully immerse themselves in Costa Rica’s untouched nature while inviting them to learn how to preserve and protect our diverse ecosystem.”  

The new Conservation Land and Sea Extraordinary Experience includes: 

Day 1: Sea

A day of aquatic exploration brings travelers to the deepest, unexplored parts of the Golfo Dulce in the south Pacific. Participants are whisked away on a private plane to take in the Pacific Coast’s landscapes, including views of tropical forests, Central America’s biggest mangrove canal system and volcanic formations dating back over 65 million years. Guest will arrive at Golfo Dulce, a large marine area that is home to Pacific green sea turtles, humpback whales, spotted dolphins, bottle nose dolphins and more. Boarding a yacht, participants will spend the day studying the life and habitat of hammerhead sharks. Marine biologists and conservationists Andrés Lopez and Ilena Zanella will teach explorers how to document sharks through their Mision Tiburon non-profit organization by venturing into the South Pacific and monitoring adolescent hammerheads. Guests can also “adopt” and name their own hammerhead shark and will receive reports of its travels and growth over its lifespan. Available year around except for September through November. Weather dependent. Price: $42,793 for 10 people max which includes a $3,500 donation to Misión Tiburón.

Day 2: Land 

Day two of this experience sees participants play a vital role in a New World butterfly species documentation as they collect caterpillars and sample the DNA. Led by Kyoto-prize winner Dr. Daniel Janzen, known as the “Darwin of Conservation,” and his team of Para-taxonomists and field-trained biodiversity specialists, this journey begins with a 35-minute flight along Guanacaste’s volcanic mountain range with views of the region’s tropical rainforest. Guests touch down at Dr. Janzen’s lab in Quebrada Grande, home to one of the world’s largest collections of tropical butterflies. Upon arriving, guests will venture out and explore the forest to identify caterpillars and transport them back to the lab where they will metamorphize into butterflies. Travelers will observe the Para-taxonomists as they sample one leg of each butterfly to test its unique DNA and learn of the many species that are discovered by the team’s work. Following a dinner with Dr. Janzen, explorers continue the outdoor adventure into the night as they trek deep into the forest to sample other rare butterfly species of the region. The evening continues as explorers meet other researchers and learn about their newly discovered species before returning to the Resort in by luxury SUV. Available year around. Weather dependent. Price $37,557 for 10 people max which includes a $10,000 donation to the Area de Conservacia Guanacaste.

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