In Greece: A Visit to Amanzoe


Aman Resort’s Amanzoe
Amanzoe has 38 suites and each of these opens up on to a terrace and pergola, and the style throughout is muted, earthly color schemes with lots of stone and marble.


When we decided to focus on Greece, we reached out to Kelly Shea, owner of Kelly Shea Travels, the go-to expert on the country. Of course, our e-mail found Shea sitting in a café on the island of Hydra, where she excitedly, by return e-mail, told us she’d just spent three nights at Amanresorts’ new hotel in the Peloponnese.

Here’s what she had to say about the new Amanzoe:


Amanresorts’ Amanzoe
Amanresorts’ Amanzoe sits on a hilltop overlooking the country on one side and the sea on the other, with beautiful landscape.

“Amanzoe is perfection. It’s something I’ve never known before in Greece. The idea of locating the hotel in this area of the Peloponnese was brilliant. This is my favorite part of Greece, other than the islands. The area is known as the Argolis and is home to some of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, such as the historical site of Epidaurus, ancient Corinth and Mycenae. It’s an easy drive of about two and a half hours from Athens. It is also close to the islands in the Saronic Gulf, such as Spetses, Hydra and Poros.

“Amanzoe has 38 suites, a large spa, three restaurants, two swimming pools, a gym, tennis courts and several villas that are for sale. It sits on a hilltop overlooking the country on one side and the sea on the other, and the landscape is beautiful. The resort is just 15 minutes away from a charming town called Porto Heli, and an hour’s boat ride from here takes you to Hydra. Amanzoe has its own luxury boat that you can also rent for the day.

“The design of the hotel is influenced by classical Greek architecture and is absolutely stunning,” says Shea.

Shea is also quite high on Hydra, which she calls “my home away from home.” “No cars, no motorcycles and fabulous architecture. They have a very strict building code, no neon signs and a beautiful harbor filled with yachts and small Greek fishing boats. It’s listed in “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.”