New Zealand in Depth Debuts PurePod Itinerary

Courtesy of New Zealand in Depth

New Zealand in Depth, a group of New Zealand’s travel specialists, is launching a new itinerary based around staying in PurePods, mostly-glass accommodations.

First started in 2014, the PurePod concept was designed by architect Grant Ryan. Since each pod has a different view, each is a different experience. To discover a new set of scenery within isolation, pod-hopping was created. This program takes guests to each of the pods available and combines them into a weeklong journey (as the seventh PurePod room recently opened) around the Canterbury region of New Zealand’s South Island. 

The pod locations are not disclosed, but they are away from infrastructure. From the car, the walk to the pod is between 20-30 minutes; however, guests can expect five-star accommodation and services. Bonus: The Pods are environmentally friendly, having received an Enviro Gold by Qualmark for its minimal effect on the environment. To note: It runs on solar power and uses filtered rainwater.

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Tip: The best aspect of the trip may be that guests can see "a kaleidoscope of stars," as well as the Milky Way.

The PurePods include:

  • Atatu PurePod: 90 minutes northeast of Christchurch, perched high above the coastline
  • Korimako Purepod: 90 minutes northeast of Christchurch, nestled in native bush with a view out to the bay
  • Kahutara PurePod: 20 minutes inland from Kaikoura (two and a half hours driving from Christchurch), perched above the Kahutara River with views of the Seaward Kaikoura mountain range
  • Manakau PurePod: 20 minutes inland from Kaikoura, with views of the countryside and the Seaward Kaikoura mountain range
  • Greystone PurePod: Less than an hour drive north of Christchurch, located above an organic winery in Waipara with views of the Waipara Valley
  • Pōhue PurePod: An hour drive from Christchurch, with views of the historic Port Levy bay, surrounded by hills and rocky outcrops.
  • Little River PurePod: Less than an hour drive from Christchurch, nestled into native bush and tussocks above the Little River township on the Banks Peninsula

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