Paris Train Designed to Look Like Versailles

Most luxury vacations do not involve taking a commuter train…but there's an exception to every rule, and—of course—this exception comes from France.

The Daily Mail is reporting that a train on the main rapid transit system in Paris, the RER, has undergone a "dramatic refurbishment" to resemble the rooms of the Palace of Versailles, which was once the center of political power in France. Passengers who take a journey on the RER C line between the Palace, which is several miles south-west of Paris, and the center of the capital do so in lavish surroundings.

Ornate paintings and golden sculptures line the aisles and even the ceilings are intricately designed. Other improvements include the creation of a mock library in one of the carriages.

The refurbishments are designed to evoke memories of seven different areas of the royal chateau and its grounds, including the Hall of Mirrors, the Gallery of Battles and Marie-Antoniette's estate. The changes, which were funded by the Palace of Versailles, involved layering the interior walls of the train with a high-tech plastic film.

Check out more pictures here, and get ready to take the train to Versailles!

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