Rockstar Hotels: Top Five Reasons to Visit Hvar, Croatia

Rockstar Hotels has released its top five reasons to visit Hvar. The scenic Island in Croatia has three main cities – Town Hvar, Stari Grad, and Jelsa, along with several smaller villages – where travelers can find a host of activities to enjoy. They can participate in water sports in the clear seawater, explore the mountains, walk on the walls of the old town, enjoy food and beverages at the Spanjola Fortress, which is perched high on a hill overlooking the town, or they can take advantage of its active night life and go out partying.

Here are Rockstar Hotels’ top five reasons to visit Hvar:

1. The Lavender Fields

Did you know that Hvar is nicknamed “the Lavender Island?” Guests have the option to buy lavender scented soaps, oils, sachets and pillows. For those who are a bit daring, they can even try lavender ice cream.

2. St. Stephen's Square

This is a good place for a day of exploration. Travelers can take in the harbor view, watching the sailboats come and go, as they enjoy a coffee or a cold drink before setting off for the day. Whichever direction travelers decide to go, the path will lead them down an old intriguing, perhaps cobblestone street or alleyway, or even to the sea.

3. The Beaches

Beaches in Hvar are mostly pebble beaches, which means you can see to the bottom of the sea. Guests staying at Rockstar's seaside hotel will have access to the beach where they can relax in the sun or lounge in the shade of their cabana all while being taken care of by the hotel staff.

4. The Pakleni Islands

Take an excursion boat to the nearby Pakleni Islands for swimming and snorkeling. Travelers can also dine at a beach club where they can relax in a beach bed or treehouse while sipping a cool beverage. Note: travelers should know that the beaches on Pakleni Islands may be clothing optional.

5. Party, Party, Party

There are plenty of places on the island where travelers can enjoy a peaceful and quiet evening, but Hvar is called “the happening island” because of its active nightlife. Guests can hang out at a simple bar along the seaside, or go to the well-known Carpe Diem, known for its VIP visitors, its party music, late hours and general upbeat atmosphere.

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