Specialized Namibia Safaris from African Travel Inc.

AfricaAfrican Travel Inc., an adventure company offering assistance in the creation of specialized African tours, is currently promoting travel to the Namib dessert with a new Best of Namibia Wing Safari.

The package includes 8 days of 4x4 off-road touring across the Namib dessert, home to the world’s largest sand dunes, in-flight sight-seeing of the Skeleton Coast, and wildlife watching at the watering holes of Etosha National Park, where sighted animals may include desert-adapted elephants and rare white rhinos.  The tour starts at $6,545 per person, land only.

The company offers countless other popular safari experiences through a wide range of African countries, such as the 11-day Wild and Wondrous Family Adventure in South Africa, from $5,095 per person, or The Ultimate Safari, a 16-day tour across South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, and Botswana, from $19,895 per person.  All tours are highly customizable to specific client tastes.

Popular safari add-ons include wine-touring through Cape Town, travel from Pretoria to Cape Town in the ultra-luxurious Blue Train, and a visit to Victoria Falls, the world's largest curtain of falling water.  

For more info visit www.africantrabelinc.com.


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