Wilderness Launches a High-End Mobile Offering in Tanzania

Wilderness is set to open a luxury mobile tented camp operation to follow the Serengeti National Park’s legendary Great Migration. Opening mid-July 2023, Wilderness Usawa Serengeti will move with the herd as the animals travel throughout the year across the length and breadth of the national park, with two camps set up in key locations on the migration route.

“Just like the herds, we adapt. The flexibility of our sublime Wilderness Usawa Serengeti camp allows us to move at short notice between a number of seasonal hotspots across the Serengeti, ensuring guests are in the right place, at the right time, to marvel at the unfolding drama”, said Hadley Allen, Wilderness chief commercial officer.

“Usawa means ‘balance’ in Swahili. There is the chaos of thousands of animals driven by thirst and hunger, desperate to cross rivers; yet they are all moving in a purposeful direction as one. Through birth and death, rain and drought, balance is restored on the plains. Wilderness Usawa Serengeti is far from the crowds, yet close to the action”, added Grant Woodrow, head of Wilderness new business development.

Mobile, yet completely luxurious, the Wilderness Usawa Serengeti experience aims to offer maximum action without compromising on comfort, in close proximity to the migratory herds, but set away from the high-density tourist areas. 

The Great Migration
The Great Migration (Wilderness)

Wilderness’ camp locations are situated within the Serengeti’s designated walking zones, allowing guided walks to begin directly from camp. The knowledgeable and trained guides are said to shape memorable Serengeti guest experiences. In addition, game drives, birding and stargazing are available from camp.

Wilderness Usawa Serengeti accommodates 12 guests in six en-suite safari tents. As the set-up is completely mobile, no permanent fixtures are left behind when the camp moves, leaving a light footprint on the Earth. The camps are solar powered, with rechargeable lights and charging stations in the rooms, as well as Wi-Fi and hot water. Wilderness Usawa Serengeti welcomes children aged six and older, though children under 16 must share a room with an adult. The camp must be booked for sole use to accept children younger than six.

The Great Migration is recognized as one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world and is centered around some two million animals traversing more than 620 miles in a year through Serengeti National Park. Guests will get an opportunity to see mega herds of wildebeest, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, eland and other species. This abundance of prey naturally attracts an array of predators. 

The Serengeti also has more than 500 avian species, making it a birder’s paradise. Some endemic specials to look out for are the gray-breasted spurfowl, rufous-tailed weaver and gray-crested helmetshrike.

Wilderness also notes that through formal training programs for underprivileged children, and by educating and upskilling the community, it empowers local residents to reduce their reliance on poaching, snaring and cutting down trees. By working with the authorities and other local partners, Wilderness strives to help protect the phenomenal natural areas of Serengeti National Park.

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