Downtown LA Proper Hotel Open in 2018

ferrantraite/E+/Getty Images

Following its initial concept announcement back in July of 2015, The Kor Group has announced the start of construction on the new Downtown LA Proper Hotel, slated to open in Spring of 2018.

The lifestyle hotel will be housed in the former YWCA building on the Historic Broadway Corridor, offering guests various amenities including an on-site restaurant, a rooftop pool and lounge and a variety of renovations within the building’s historic spaces. Open to the public will be the fourth floor library – complete with original ceiling frescos – the hotel’s basketball court turned Hollywood screening room suite and an indoor swimming pool suite.

The hotel, to be managed and operated by the Proper Hospitality Brand, is being constructed with McGuire Builders as the general contractor and will have interior designs led by international interior designer Kelly Wearstler.

Downtown LA Proper Hotel is just one in a series of big developments for The Kor Group and Proper Hospitality. Most recently, the group’s anticipated furnished and unfurnished luxury apartment complex in Columbia Square – Hollywood Proper Residences – opened in June. San Francisco Proper Hotel, a historic renovations project similar to Downtown LA Proper, is on track to open in May of 2017.

Frank Stork, of Stork/Alma Development Group who also aiding in the production of Downtown LA Proper Hotel through a joint venture, made a statement on the property saying, “When we first discovered the building nearly three years ago, we were immediately drawn to its unique characteristics. We are thrilled to have finalized the capitalization and started construction, as we can finally begin to unlock the building’s full potential"

Brian De Lowe, President and Co-Founder of Proper Hospitality and Partner at The Kor Group added a comment as well, saying "When choosing to stay at our Downtown LA Proper hotel, guests will be able to experience everything that Proper-branded hotels offer--the best in personalized luxury service provided in a timeless, beautifully restored building located along the hottest stretch of South Broadway.”