Monaco Becomes a Featured Destination of International LGBTQ+ Travel Association

The Principality of Monaco announced that it has become a Featured Destination of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) for 2021. The principality became a member of the association in 2015.

IGLTA president and CEO John Tanzella said in an announcement that Monaco has “unique, luxurious offerings to appeal to LGBTQ+ travelers, from the yacht scene to the Grand Prix.” He adds: “Over the years, I've also seen firsthand how Monaco Tourism has put in great effort behind the scenes to better understand LGBTQ+ travel and support our market.”

Monaco may not be a traditional LGBTQ+ destination, the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority (Visit Monaco) said, but the principality has been historically avant-garde and welcoming. To note: Since the opening of the Casino de Monte-Carlo in 1863, Monaco has emerged as a pioneer in the fields of sustainability, innovation, hospitality and the performing arts. Starting with Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes who performed in Monaco from 1911 to 1929, the principality became a magnet for vibrant celebrities attracting starlets, artists and sport personalities.

Today, Visit Monaco says the principality is reinventing itself, while preserving its environment: It is home to numerous festivals, international sporting events, a variety of museums, world-class hotels and gastronomy, exclusive shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene. It adds that the principality is a fitting backdrop for couples’ celebrations such as proposals, honeymoons and anniversaries.

Note: The Spartacus International Gay Guide says “there are no LGBT organizations in Monaco. The general social attitude is rather open … Gay life takes place in Monaco only to a very limited extent and can rather be found in the nearby coastal cities of France.”

Asher & Lyrie’s “LGBTQ+ Danger Index,” which looks at LGBTQ+ rights by country, rated Monaco with a “D.”

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