Exclusive Resorts Opens 15 New European Luxury Residences for 2016

Villa Pendio, Lake Como, Italy

Vacation club Exclusive Resorts has announced that it will open 15 new villas across Europe’s most popular destinations by next year. 

New villas sleep from two to seven guests and are located in top vacation spots like Paris and St-Tropez in France; the Amalfi Coast, Florence and Lake Como in Italy; and San Sebastian in Spain. 

Exclusive Resorts’ newest Paris property is just three blocks from the iconic Eiffel Tower, while its St-Tropez residences include private pools, views of the ocean and an on-location Michelin-starred restaurant.  

In Italy, guests can cruise through the Amalfi Coast, enjoying spacious villas and panoramic views of the sea. Exclusive Resorts’ Florence property invites guests to experience the art and architecture of the city from the comfort of their living room, which has a fresco-inspired painting on the ceiling. On Lake Como, guests can enjoy private wine cellars, pools, boats and gardens in all of the location’s two-to-seven-bedroom villas. 

Recently named Europe’s 2016 Culture Capital, San Sebastian, Spain, offers festivals, events and four Michelin-starred restaurants for visitors. The property’s three-bedroom apartment is nearby the Old Town, as well as the Basque city’s beachside location.