Fairmont Names Tequila Los Azulejos the New Americas Spirit Partner

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Tequila Los Azulejos to bring award-winning tequila to select bars at more than 20 Fairmont hotels throughout the U.S. and Mexico by the end of 2016 with plans to expand into Canada, Bermuda, and Barbados next year.

Most Fairmont hotels will be serving the brand’s masterpiece, Tequila Los Azulejos Añejo, which is aged for approximately 30 months in French oak barrels, much longer than the industry-standard one year, which gives the tequila its golden color, rich, smooth flavor, and aroma. Tequila Los Azulejos Añejo is packaged in hand-shaped clay bottles, which are baked and painted by master artisans from the Puebla region of Mexico, in the traditional style of talavera pottery and tiles, known as Azulejos, where the company derives its name.

Los Azulejos’ tequilas come from 100 percent Blue-Weber agave from Jalisco, and are grown to maturity over 10 years. After cooking the agave in brick ovens, extracting the agave nectar, and fermenting for two days, the batch is double-distilled with the first and last 40 percent of the run discarded, allowing for the true “heart” of the run being preserved for bottling.

Fairmont’s partnership with Los Azulejos comes from their desire to create a world-class spirit and cocktail culture, which was launched in 2015. This winter, the brand will partner with its “Classics. Perfected.” Fairmont Tastemakers to release a series of new packages, events, and specially curated barware products at Fairmont Stores in North America.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is Tequila Los Azulejos’ first exclusive major hotel partnership.